Significance of using Pedestal Fans in India

Published: 05th July 2011
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Whether you are using a ceiling or pedestal or table fan, the purpose is the same to cool the environment. People have been using these propellers for several years now. With numerous technological improvements happening over the years, even the functionality and quality of these propellers have vastly improved. The latest technology products include regular as well as portable pedestal fans and other varieties such as ceiling, wall, exhaust, multi utility, and table fans. Out of all these varieties, portable pedestal fans are immensely popular amongst the common people for a number of reasons. Let us review some of the most significant reasons behind the popularity of these products:

They can be used for cooling open areas

These light weight products can be easily carried to places such as open areas, roof tops, balconies and other such areas where it is difficult to obtain cooling through any other medium. They are good for cooling spaces with no electrical wiring as you can run them by using extension cords. No other electrical cooling product available in the market like the Air Conditioners or the Desert Coolers can do this.

They are cheaper than other electrical appliances and have a lesser energy consumption

You can easily find different varieties of fans as well as other cooling products in the market today. Other cooling products like Air Conditioners and Desert Coolers are pretty expensive than Pedestal Fans in India. Secondly, ACs and Coolers are not even energy efficient, and they consume much more electricity compared to the conventional propellers. In a country like India, where people are obsessed with price and money saving techniques, these fans have already captured the favoritism of the masses with their lower prices and even lower energy consumption. Moreover, they can be easily accommodated in everyone’s budget owing to their comparatively lesser prices.

They are easily available in the market

There a large number of Pedestal Fan, India companies like Orient Fans, Bajaj, Khaitan, Usha, and so on that offer good quality products at very affordable. You can easily purchase these products from the local markets and install them in your home for cooling. Most of the leading companies provide ISI certified products that further confirm the guarantee of quality. Some of them are even available with energy star rating, which proves that they have been verified and tested for consuming less energy while running.

They are very convenient to use

As portable pedestal fans come with self stands, therefore they do not need usually need an installation. After purchasing Pedestal Fan from Indian companies you can simply make it stand anywhere in the house or balcony or even your garden and use it with the help of an extension cord.They do not require a laborious and time taking installation process and are extremely convenient to use.

The above mentioned points have been stated to describe the benefits of using regular as well as portable pedestal fans. Besides being used within the homes, they are extensively used commercially for cooling outdoor gatherings.

Orient Fans is one of India’s leading brands in fans and lighting solutions. It offers quality energy saver fans such as pedestal fans, portable pedestal fans and table fans.

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