Vinyl Sheets Perfect For Hotel Flooring As Well As Home Decor

Published: 03rd May 2011
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There was a time when vinyl flooring was seen as a cheap alternative to wooden floor. However, with changing times vinyl flooring in India as well as abroad has become a popular and practical choice for commercial as well as home decor purposes. The rise in popularity of vinyl is a result of the advantages which you get while using this type of flooring. The low maintenance cost and durability of vinyl makes it a popular choice for commercial flooring like gyms, retail stores, sports clubs and restaurants. Vinyl is also a favorite choice for hotel flooring as vinyl planks are available in a variety of designs that give the appearance of a real wood floor with almost half the price. Besides that, vinyl flooring is also very easy to clean and can resist stain better as compared to other kinds of flooring.

The durable nature of vinyl means that apart from being used for commercial purposes as hotel flooring it is also a sensible choice for home decor. Vinyl flooring in India and other countries is specially used in bathrooms and kitchens, as it is very comfortable to walk on. Vinyl planks are slip resistant which makes them a sensible flooring choice for laundry and bathrooms. Vinyl sheets are available in ready to use form and you can easily stick them to the flooring without any professional help. However, it is best to use professional services for commercial purposes. Further, commercial vinyl floor tiles can be easily laid on top of concrete sub floors, plywood sub floors, linoleum or wood.

Online websites like CCIL offer a wide range and different patterns in vinyl flooring, including many which look like real wood such as pine, walnut or oak, making them perfect for hotel flooring purpose. If you want to use vinyl for home decor purposes, then your choice is not limited to wood style floor, in fact you can also go for Roman and Greek ceramic tile patterns. Vinyl flooring India is perfect because of the harsh climatic conditions; the durable nature of this flooring makes it an idle choice for open areas like balconies and patios.

Vinyl flooring is easily available online in an extensive range of colors and designs. Now you can choose your favorite design and pattern, with just a click. You can even get your own design customized, as most of these online stores also provide this service. Take a look at the full range of vinyl flooring available at these stores and give your home or office a whole new look.

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