Why is Flotex carpet popular in hospitality industry?

Published: 18th April 2011
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If you are in the hospitality industry then you may need specialty flooring which looks good and is practical as well. In this case you can opt for Flotex carpet tiles. These are popularly used in offices, hospitals, shops at other places. This is because it is easy to clean and maintain them. They can retain the beauty and elegance of carpet tiles and are more practical to use.

The Flotex carpet has a good resistance against stains and they do not get crushed easily. This means that they enjoy a good life and are considered to be hygienic as well. Some of the other features that makes these flooring popular with the hospitality industry is that are slip resistant and help in minimizing the footstep noise. It is easy to wash them as they are waterproof and are therefore comfortable for all kinds of setups.

The tiles used in the flotex carpet tiles are available in a range of colors and designs. This gives buyers the choice to choose the one that can match up with their interiors. The tiles have recycled backing and the fiber density is about 80 mm which helps in adding to its popularity.

Using the specialty flooring in the form of tiles allows you to install them in every possible space. Installing the tiles is very convenient and does not take much time. Since they are small in size, it is easy to handle them and to store them. You can also buy them in more than one color and lay them in different ways.

In order to clean these tiles, you just need to use plain water and can wash it like any normal flooring. The thick nylon fibers that are used in it make it more durable and it can thus handle hard treatment efficiently.

It is best to avoid chemicals and detergent for cleaning it as it can rob away the shine from the flooring. A good quality vacuum cleaner can also be used for cleaning the dirt from the carpet. This flooring is considered to be very hygienic as it is given anti-microbial treatment. This implies that you don’t have to worry about bacterial growth or about dust mites.

In case a section of your flooring get damaged then again it is easy to replace it. Since you are using the flotex carpet in the form of tiles, you can simply remove the damaged section and install new tiles in its place. However, in this case you have to buy extra tiles so that you don’t have to face any problem later. You can buy them easily through companies like CCIL which can help you to get different kinds of flooring easily.

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